• July 14, 2017
This past weekend marked another great Slammers Classic for 2017 as the tournament hosted over 225 teams across age groups 2009-1999. Thank you to all the parents and coaches who helped with the running of this event, we could not have done it without you. In blistering heat our teams also managed to put on some great performances gave a great showing of our club as we welcomed in teams from all across the USA and Ireland.
Here are the winners, congratulations to all the boys and girls and their coaches.

G2009 Nike – Runners Up – Slammers Aguirre
G2008 Nike – Winners – Slammers Aguirre
G2008 Select – Runners Up – Slammers Androsko
G2007 Nike – Winners – Slammers Aguirre
G2006 Nike – Winners – Slammers AW/CB2, Runners Up – Slammers AW/CB1
G2006 Select – Winners – Slammers Davila, Runners Up – Slammers Niccole
G2005 Nike – Winners – Slammers Pre Elite
G2005 Select – Winners – Slammers RG
G2004 Nike – Winners – Slammers 2004 DA
G2004 Select – Runners Up – Slammers Patterson
G2003 Select – Runners Up – Slammers Brooks
G2002 Nike – Winners – Slammers Gordon
G2001 Nike – Runners Up – Slammers Winn
G2000 Select – Winners – Slammers RA
G1999 Nike – Winners – Slammers ECNL Composite, Runners Up – Slammers ECNL
B2007 Nike – Runners Up – Slammers Laterza
B2005 Nike – Runners Up – Slammers Aviles
B1999 Nike – Runners Up – Slammers DM