• July 12, 2021

Our club has recently acquired Greg Baker and his private training company, So Cal Training, to provide a complete technical training curriculum for Slammers FC, CDA Slammers and its affiliate clubs. Greg has coached his teams to 7 National Championships, multiple state and regional titles, and hundreds of tournament wins. His most recent class of private training clients include Trinity Rodman (2021 youngest ever NWSL-drafted player), Reilyn Turner (2021 Pac 12 Freshman of the Year), and Isabella D’Aquila (2021 Santa Clara National Champion).

Our directors, Walid and Ziad Khoury, would like all Slammer families to utilize Greg’s services as a way to refine their players’ technical abilities. “We brought Greg here because he is the best at what he does. Our players will only get better, faster, because of his ability to make technical training become extremely game like while pushing players to their athletic peaks” says Walid Khoury.

Please register for training at now and take advantage of this exclusive opportunity!